Own label branding on existing HITAS Product portfolio

HITAS facilitates the innovation and manufacturing process of products for distribution through an own label agreement. Working in collaboration with HITAS ensures the products you bring to market are your own brand, featuring your own label, logos and company details, backed by HITAS innovation, quality, manufacture and expertise.

HITAS has an extensive range of products readily available to distributors complete with product technical reports meeting regulatory compliance to support sales campaigns.

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HITAS Product Manufacture Process

  • 1
    Formulation Selection
  • 2
    Packaging Options
  • 3
    Material Safety Data Sheet generation
  • 4
    Regulatory Considerations
  • 5
    Label Design and Printing
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
    Ongoing Customer Support
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Custom Formulation and Product Development

Have you got an idea for a new product but require further technical expertise to develop the concept? At HITAS we provide custom formulation services to support the development process of your product. Taking your idea from concept, through production and ready for product launch

Whether you require HITAS to rework an existing formulation or are starting from a conceptual brief. Outsourcing the product development process to HITAS to allow your business to concentrate on product sales.

HITAS can support throughout each step of the process. We can:

  • Facilitate within the product development process through concept, formulation, testing, to
    final the product launch.
  • Rework and modify existing formulations to make them more effective within the market or
    to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Improve or refresh existing product formulation to boost their stability or introduce new raw
  • Technical product representation through product evaluation and statistical data analysis.
  • Regulatory support including product classification and labelling, CE Certification and compliance with Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 EC fertilising products and biostimulants.

Consultancy and Contract Research

Agronomy Research Group (ARG) is an independent consultancy provider linked to HITAS Products and was established to undertake consultancy services to the amenity turf, agrochemical, horticultural, and general chemical sectors. ARG offers regulatory and consultancy support enables you to turn product ideas into scientifically tested solutions.

Agronomy Research Group (ARG) can assist in:

  • Product development trials. Examples include efficacy and plant safety testing, Phytotoxicity, Application and Dose Rate Response.
  • Replicated laboratory, field and end user trials and statistical data analysis.
  • Physical product Properties including product formulation screening, tank mix compatibility, and storage stability.
  • Regulatory support including product classification and labelling, CE Certification and compliance with Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 EC fertilising products and biostimulants.
  • Technical product representation and launch to distribution sales teams and end users.

We take pride on our flexibility and are happy to discuss any potential testing and where necessary designing bespoke procedures to meet our customers’ exact demands.

What we offer under consultancy and contract research
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Contract Manufacture

At HITAS we know what it takes to source a great manufacturing partner. HITAS specialises in providing contract manufacturing services that include flexibility to the amenity turf, agrochemical, horticultural and general chemical sectors.

HITAS is ideally placed to be your manufacturing partner of choice and can help kickstart the manufacturing process, this includes:

  • Manufacture of liquids
  • Blending of powder and granular products.
  • Contract filling, labelling & packing.
  • Sourcing of raw materials

At HITAS we provide manufacture management from the start to the end of the production process. This includes support with export, customs, and delivery requirements.


Territory Expansion & Commercialisation

Are you looking to place an existing product within your portfolio into a new country or territory, but don’t have the sales team to support the expansion?

HITAS has an extensive network of contacts in the United Kingdom, European countries and ROW to locate the correct distributor for your product and assist with after sales support. This opportunity can be a “branded product” or an “own label license agreement” for the territory distributor.